Saturday, May 8, 2010

Grizzly Peak Blvd from Rockridge BART

This is the page for climbs starting from Rockridge BART, part of a comprehensive index of climbs to Grizzly Peak Boulevard from BART stations.

My fist choice route is via Tunnel Road. Tunnel is a primary route for cyclists of all abilities. There are bathrooms and water at the top. The grade is extremely consistent and mellow for the first half to two-thirds, then pitches up a bit but never to excess. A classic climb.

via Tunnel Road 5.7 miles, +1,275 feet Recommended Route

This route takes some back streets to the Temescal approach to Tunnel Road to avoid most of the heaviest traffic streets

More direct route to Tunnel Road that goes through intersection with Highway 13 off-ramp. 5.3 miles, +1,280 feet

via Broadway Terrace 5.1 miles, +1,250 feet

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