Saturday, May 8, 2010

Grizzly Peak Blvd from Orinda BART

This is the page for climbs starting from Orinda BART, part of a comprehensive index of climbs to Grizzly Peak Boulevard from BART stations.

My fist choice route is via Pinehurst Road. Pinehurst is a classic climb in this direction, with lots of shade and cool air from the surrounding redwoods and a nice consistent buildup in intensity as you approach the steepest ramps near the top.

via Pinehurst Road 12.1 miles, +1,090 feet

One of my favorite rides in this area

via Wildcat Canyon and Shasta 6.5 miles, +855 feet

via Wildcat Canyon to the top of Spruce 8.2 miles, +760 feet

a very popular route, the basic return from Contra Costa to Berkeley

via El Toyonal and Lomas Cantadas is brutal 3.7 miles, +1,285 feet

For masochists and mountain goats

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