Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bike Routes to Grizzly Peak Boulevard from BART

The red line on the maps traces Grizzly Peak Boulevard, a scenic bike route along the crest of the Berkeley Hills with panoramic views of the San Francisco bay, city, and Marin Headlands. Grizzly ends at Skyline Boulevard at the south end, working on a similar index for Skyline climbs next. Click on a section to find preferred bike routes from a convenient BART station.

There's an interactive map of the length of Grizzly Peak Boulevard below the clickable maps, and a photo from Spruce at Grizzly Peak at the bottom of the page gives you an idea of the panorama. The best viewpoints are from sections north of Southpark Drive, between Lomas Contadas and Claremont, and south of Marlborough Terrace.

from El Cerrito Plaza BART
from North Berkeley BART
from Downtown Berkeley BART
from Ashby BART
from Rockridge BART
from Orinda BART

El Cerrito Plaza (Spruce the direct way) is a nice route to do a run down Grizzly Peak and Skyline from the north. Spruce is usually first choice from any Berkeley station, Downtown Berkeley offers the shortest climb. Orinda offers the steepest (El Toyonal/Lomas Cantadas) route, Downtown Berkeley (Centennial) 2nd steepest.

Grizzly Peak has water at intersection with Spruce (NW corner), Lomas Cantadas (steam train parking lot), and Skyline (Sibley parking lot). The last two have bathrooms too.

Please submit suggestions for better routing or added route options through comments

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